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TOLL-GO Leading Position in Innovation

The process had begun in 2007 in the spirit of protection of public roads, equal tax treatment and enlargement of budget resources and ended with the introduction of HU-GO electronic toll payment system on 1 July 2013. With its technological innovations, the HU-GO system meets not only the relevant provisions of EU, but at the same time it has established the „user and polluter pays” principle that is the distance-based toll payment in Hungary. In addition, the HU-GO system has shown the similar developments the way in several respects.

The Toll-Go software solution developed by i-Cell is an essential component and core of the HU-GO system. The National Toll Payment Services Plc (former State Motorway Management Company Ltd) uses the solution since 1st of July 2013 for management of different toll collection and toll service processes.

i-Cell was given a very short deadline ( two and a half months ) to implement the distance-based system– according to the established European practice, the introduction of an innovation of such  a size takes at least 2 years. Due to the very short deadline, the experts decided to develop the so called „free flow” system, that is, a kind of monitoring and payment system, the operation of which  does not require the stopping of the vehicles. Moreover, this system has been quickly, flexible and cost effectively implemented. In addition, the HU-GO is the first system in the world which has been developed with a fully open platform and standard interface to that other Toll Declaration Operators, dealers and declaration operators of foreign companies can easily connect.The integrated system implies the toll payment and declaration through section ticket based onboard units (OBU) that are operated by telematic companies engaged in offering fleet tracking services.The checking of these permits is complemented by a licence plate recognition application.

Since its introduction, the system has received the Innovation Prize 2013 of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and in September 2014 the IKT-Project of the Year was awarded to it. This latter recognition was handed over at the MENTA conference organised by IVSZ ( Association of  the information and communications technologies /ICT/industry ), that is on the occasion of one of the most prestigious events of the information and communications technology industry in Hungary. The Toll-Go software solution used in HU-GO system received professional recognition also from Finland, from one of the leading countries in innovative thinking and technology.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobility is one of the largest achievements of the 21st century. We consider the use of mobiles phones regarding speech, sending messages or pictures as a self-evident activity, but mobile phones( which are functioning nowaday as miniature computers) are used more and more often for the purpose of mobile payment as well. There are more and more services, shoppings, bank transactions we can manage through mobile phone. Our company, recognizing the needs for this service, has developed over recent years more services and applications, which allow you to meet your payment obligations in a flexible manner and without being bound to a certain place even from your armchair, in this way you are able to deal with your other matters without losing time; such applications are the mobile parking, package tracking, airline tracking or even electronic ticketing.

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