Our history

Since 1998 i-Cell has been the most innovative Hungarian-owned company in the telematics branch. In addition to our activilty in the fleet management, we carry out successful professional activity in mobile payment technologies as well and since 2013 we have been serving the needs of our customers as the major player in the electronic toll payment.

In 2002 our company launched its own mobile parking system first in Europe and in 2003 the system won the first price in the category of „The best on-street mobile parking system” awarded by the European Parking Association. This solution has been making the parking comfortable since then in more European cities.

One of the most significant results of our more than twenty years professional activity is the distance-based electronic toll payment system that has been devepoled and implemented on the basis of our own conception. The system meets both the technological requirements of the European Union and the standards of the European Electronic Toll Service. The new toll payment system was recognised by the European Union as the most innovative solution, in September 2014 our company received the Gyurós Tibor Prize for the development, which is one of the most prestigious price of the inforrmation and communication technology industry in Hungary.

Our customers are Hungarian enterprises, smaller companies, private entrepreneurs who would like to perform their tasks in a responsible manner and to use their vehicle fleet transparently and cost-effectively. We believe that our innovative mobile communication solutions can contribute to making our partners’ everyday work more effective and by creating real market advantages they are able to increase their competitiveness.

As a result of our efforts, we have been able to increase the number of our partners to more hundreds by now, our fleet management service perfoms the control of several tens of thousands of vehicles. In addition to the fleets carrying out classical transport activities, numerous buses from the field of public transport as well as working machines belong to our partners as well.

Our mission

The professional and economic successes achieved during the more than fifteen-year history of i-Cell, the national and European-wide results are due to its commitment to the quality and innovation regarded as company core value, to its carefully selected and internationally recognised suppliers as well as to its flexibility, openness and ability for development that are essential in a professional field where, as a consequence of the technological progress, the challanges must be met in the midst of radical five-year cycles of changes.

The management of i-Cell places particular emphasis on the continuous motivation and regular trainings of its highly qualified, committed colleagues in order to meet our customers’ expectations in the long run.

Environmental protection

In the course of our business activity we pay special attention to environmental protection and endeavour to use the energy in the most efficient way possible. In addition to minimizing the waste emission we pay particular attention on shipping and recycling of electronic waste in which our partner is the Enviorinvest Environmental and Biotechnological Co. too. Our objective is to preserve the natural resources therefore we ensure that the energy consumption of products distributed by us is efficient and we keep in mind the environmental awareness of our development and repairing processes in every cases. We believe that using our products our partners are able to use the ressources efficiently, we intend to contribute jointly to healthier environment in this way.

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