i-Cell Kft. also recognises the heroic gym teacher got injured in the bus accident near Verona by sending a symbolic donation

2017 January 30.

As reported in the national media,  a man called Charlie Joseph working as a paramedic in England had begun to fundraise for György Vígh, hero gym teacher got injured in the bus accident near Verona, through the gofundme.com community fundraising website. The aim of the initiative is to recognise through a community action his heroic behaviour in a tragical situation that is inconceivably difficult for most of us, and which i-Cell also joins, therefore we donate a symbolical 500 GBP for György Vígh  through the community fundraising website.

I-Cell, as a telematics service provider on the road passenger transport and  freight market,  considers the continuous development of safety and accident prevention as priority, besides, we would like to draw the attention to the fact, that the self-sacrificing heroism is one the greatest human value and it deserves the recognition of the widest strata of the society.


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