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2014 April 11.

Special i-Fleet solution in vehicles of Envirochem Kft. 

The Envirochem Kft. has 8 years experience of fuel transport and 15 years experience of fuel wholesale trade, especially fuel transport is a specific field for average people. The petrol and gas oil distributed at their own „ENVI”  petrol station network are imported from EU countries.  Bakos Richárd, professional leader of transport department of Envi petrol station network and fuel wholesale distributor, has considerable experience in solving difficulties which may arise in the course of petrol and gas oil transport.

This section of transport branch stands out from other sections, since the product itself and the transport vehicle have special features: the fuel is extremely sensitive. It is highly inflammable and explosive and is classified in the ADR III hazard category, the transport semi-trailer and the special tank are extremely expensive. Consequently, the drivers are very highly qualified and in order to be entitled to transport this kind of goods, they shall have passed a special fire-protection examination as well as they must have a driving licence for vehicles equipped with special tank
(the driving licence must be regularly renewed). There are more and more safety requirements the companies and drivers must meet in the course of transportation and in addition, security inspections are becoming stricter.

Envirochem Kft. has therefore to pay greater attention to comply with safety regulations, as it is not only about the significant punishments; the statistics show that 99% of accidents is caused by human negligence, so it is in the highest interest of Envirochem Kft. to use the best possible state-of-the-art devices. Envirochem Kft. uses therefore the i-Fleet products distributed by i-Cell Kft. to complete the control. The system was developed tailored to the needs of Envirochem Kft. and it is based on the i-Fleet satellite-supported fleet management system, but it goes beyond. The capacitive fuel probe installed in transport vehicles as well as the sensors monitoring the opening of loading and unloading side boxes serve saving, safety purposes and the efficient checking as well. The probe enables you to calculate and to check the fuel consumed by vehicles in an accurate manner –it may result in a considerable saving on fuel consumption- since it is well-known, that  fuel costs make up the majority of expenses of a transport company. The door opening sensors monitoring the loading and unloading side boxes –which is a special development of i-Cell Kft. for Envirochem Kft. – is not only safe but convenient at the same time, as it has alert and sabotage functions too. It helps not only to prevent accidents, but it eliminates the possible misuses as well.

The specific solutions of i-Cell Kft. are not unknown in this branch. The company entered the market more than 15 years ago, since then it has implemented revolutionary new solutions, starting from the modular systems based on GPS-supported fleet management over devices suitable for toll payment up to the individual mobile payment solutions.

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