Tuesday June 7th, 2016 Felmérés – A megkérdezett gazdák 88%-a venne részt technológiai továbbképzésen agrár Mezőgazdaság precíziós gazdálkodás

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Wednesday February 11th, 2015 Magyar fejlesztés a precíziós gazdálkodás fejlődéséért agrár i-Fleet precíziós gazdálkodás

The precision farming is spreading worldwide, but at a relatively slow pace. The protection of environment, the quality manufacture of products, the protection of our soils and last but not least the reduction of costs and the improvement of economic efficiency; all these factors provide a stimulus for its worldwide spreading. The slow pace of its spreading is in particular due to the considerable costs of its technical implementation; however, a new Hungarian development offers now a more cost-effective solution as compared with the current situation.


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