Monday January 26th, 2015 i-Fleet Start előfizetési akciót indított az i-Cell akció i-Fleet

In the frame of a subscription campaign, i-Cell offers its i-Fleet Start services to the OBU systems at a preferential price reduced by 20 percent. The advantage of the offer is that by putting both services in pairs all useful functions of the OBU S550 device will be open to the users. By making use i-Fleet services much more information will be available for the subscribers on their vehicles whether it is the exact position or the route at a certain moment. Through the connection of a digital port the system will be able to send a signal for instance about the unhooking of trailers or door opening as well as to send an alarm signal in case the limit values of cargo hold temperature are exceeded. Furthermore, the i-Fleet system is also able to prepare simple reports (e.g. waybills), besides it is able to send automatic reports to the subscriber at predefined time intervals.

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