i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt. received MagyarBrands award – HungarianBrands

2016 November 28.

The goal of the MagyarBrands program is to award Hungarian-related brands thar are worthy to represent the Hungarian enterprises both at home and abroad. The i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt. established in 2012 fully meets these criteria amongst Hungarian-owned information technology companies. The company has also won the „ The IKT development of the year” prize for the in record time installed  HU-GO electronic toll system, moreover, this system is considered as one of the  most user-friendly toll payment system in Europe and for this reason it has also earned several international recognitions and praises.

The EKÁER online product tracking system respectively the Véda Intelligent Road Camera System have also been developed by the company, but we have also been involved in the development of the intelligent parking system that is essential for  the good functioning of the Hungarian smart cities.

We are delighted that through the values attributed to the MagyarBrands the reliability and recognition as well as the visibility of the performance achieved till now by i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt. are likely to continue to increase.



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