Thursday August 16th, 2018 (Magyar) A vitorlázók igénye hívta életre a legújabb Balatonkerülő versenyt Balatonkerülő i-cell vitorlásverseny

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Monday June 25th, 2018 (Magyar) Idén is az i-Cell felügyelte a „Közlekedik a család” országos közlekedésbiztonsági verseny döntőjét i-cell i-Fleet közlekedésbiztonság

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Friday June 22nd, 2018 (Magyar) Szakmai támogatási program a magyar tudás itthon tartásáért i-cell i-Fleet tehetséggondozás utánpótlás

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Monday November 28th, 2016 i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt. received MagyarBrands award – HungarianBrands i-cell

The goal of the MagyarBrands program is to award Hungarian-related brands thar are worthy to represent the Hungarian enterprises both at home and abroad. The i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt. established in 2012 fully meets these criteria amongst Hungarian-owned information technology companies. The company has also won the „ The IKT development of the year” prize for the in record time installed  HU-GO electronic toll system, moreover, this system is considered as one of the  most user-friendly toll payment system in Europe and for this reason it has also earned several international recognitions and praises.

The EKÁER online product tracking system respectively the Véda Intelligent Road Camera System have also been developed by the company, but we have also been involved in the development of the intelligent parking system that is essential for  the good functioning of the Hungarian smart cities.

We are delighted that through the values attributed to the MagyarBrands the reliability and recognition as well as the visibility of the performance achieved till now by i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt. are likely to continue to increase.



Tuesday November 15th, 2016 Gyászhír i-cell

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Wednesday October 12th, 2016 Ten-year partnership with i-Cell Flottamenedzsment i-cell

I-Cell Kft. has been a major player in the Hungarian telematics market for 18 years and this year is celebrating its ten-year partnership with Prévost Hungária Kft and K és V Kft.  In the light of the intensity of technological development on the telematics market these figures are remarkable, since both the telematics services and the customer needs have fundamentally changed in the last  decade. In our article we give insight into the background of this decade-long loyalty and the more than fifteen’ years competitiveness.


When the fleet tracking systems began to spread in freight forwarding, the service provider could provide only the vehicle”s position, but this information itself could increase considerably the effectiveness of transport companies at that time. Nowadays, telematics is a kind of complex service package that comprises the operation of vehicles, the training of drivers, the tools of measuring the drivers’ effectiveness and the condition of goods delivered and moreover, it is able to integrate all these factors in the whole logistics process as well as to maintain and to increase the competitiveness of companies.

During the last 18 years, i-Cell has been continuously developing its services in order to be able to foresee the customer requirements and its customer-specified solutions could comply also with the individual requirements.

K és V Kft. belongs to the companies who have been using the telematics services of i-Cell for 10 years now. „At that time we had tried all the systems on the market because we were well aware of the importance of telematics services. i-Cell had competitors even 10 years ago. i-Cell had the most logical and  transparent system , moreover, the system of i-Cell could be used in the easiest manner. these were the most crucial aspects for our decision. I am still sure that we made a good decision. Since then, as a matter of course, we have been receiving requests and offers from other telematics service providers, and we are basically open to get to know other solutions. Moreover,  we often receive offers, where the offerer promise to exchange our current system free of charge and pay all our costs related to the change, but the truth is that  no other competitors have been able yet to  show us a better solution than the system of i-Cell Kft.” – said  József Varga, general manager of K és V engaged in international transport and logistics.

The Prévost Hungária Kft, a company working at a very high level in international freight forwarding and has been a partner of i-Cell for 10 years, still remains the partner of iCell. The general manager of Prévost Hungária Kft.,  György Szabó says that the telematics plays an increasingly important role in optimising freight organization in the field of freight forwarding and also the future developments follow this direction: „The good telematics system is able to optimise the mileage performance by minimising the empty mileage, thus  making the freight forwarding more effective. Nowadays there are transport optimization systems that can create the synergy of more transport companies and which have service providers acting as operators, like i-Cell Kft. and they see the capacity of many vehicle fleets at the same time.  Thanks to our telematics system, we are now capable of providing the possibility for the  carrier to open and close itself electronically our trailer by remote control or our operator can check the temperature of the cargo bay of the refrigerated trucks. All this significantly increases the security and quality of transport. Our partners – of whom several regularly audit our company – force us to become more efficient and cheaper. It requires ideas and creativity, and we found and kept in i-Cell a flexible and creative partner which can come along with us in this direction.”

The vehicles of Prévost Hungária Kft. and K és V Kft were equipped this year by i-Cell with stickers that indicate also the ten year partnership.

Monday September 26th, 2016 Western csizmás fenegyerekek helyett magasan kvalifikált szakemberek Flottamenedzsment i-cell i-Fleet nyomkövetés

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Sunday August 7th, 2016 44 éves teherautó kapott útdíjbevallásra szolgáló fedélzeti egységet i-cell nyomkövetés

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Monday July 4th, 2016 Az i-Cell felügyelte az idei „Közlekedik a család” versenyt i-cell i-Fleet közlekedésbiztonság

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Monday May 9th, 2016 A precíziós gazdálkodás fejlesztései segíthetnek az uniós pályázati adatlapok kitöltésében i-cell Mezőgazdaság precíziós gazdálkodás

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Thursday February 25th, 2016 Felmérés készül a precíziós gazdálkodás hazai helyzetéről i-cell Mezőgazdaság precíziós gazdálkodás

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Thursday February 11th, 2016 Az ügyfelek elégedettek az i-Fleettel i-cell i-Fleet közlekedésbiztonság

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Tuesday October 14th, 2014 Intelligens közlekedési rendszer a Volánnál i-cell obu

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Thursday September 4th, 2014 „A magyarok megmutatták a világnak…” i-cell sajtó útdíj

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Thursday July 24th, 2014 Átvette VB-ajándékát az első i-Cell nyertes i-cell verseny

i-Cell Kft. motivates its partners also with exclusive prizes relating to the football World Cup to extend their OBU warranty. On 15 July Kuntej Zrt. was the first company to take over the prize valuable for football fans.

On 15 July Károly Farkas, Chief Operating Officer of i-Cell Kft, solemnly handed over the prize of the extended OBU warranty to István Kovács, General Manager of Kuntej Zrt. In return, the leader of the company that produces nationwide well-known and popular milk products such as Caucasus kefir, Kunság half-fat curd cheese, and Kunság sour cream,handed over cheese specialities for the team of i-Cell and said that he,as a football fan, was particularly glad to receive a World Cup gift as a result of the extended OBU warranty. The general manager emphasized that the obuifleet website of i-Cell ( had been very useful for Kuntej Zrt.; it is an extra service to their OBU devices, since they can control their devices by means of this website. In the name of i-Cell Károly Farkas thanked for the appreciation, he added that it was an honour and a pleasure for the company to  have such a partner like one of the major milk producer of the country.

The handover of prizes of OBU extended warranty special offer is continuously underway since then. (…)

Friday March 7th, 2014 Mobil kalibráló állomás az i-Cell Kft-nél! i-cell mobil

When buying an electronic product, the appropriate support and flexible service are of the greatest importance, in particular when these electronic products are installed in vehicles. In addition to the good quality, in case of satellite-based fleet management systems distributed by us, our company also pays particular attention to the service of highest quality, including the installation or repair with the least inconvenience to our partners. Therefore, in order to establish an even better service offer, in February we have renewed and increased the vehicle fleet of our technical service department, as well as by seizing this opportunity we offer a new service of convenience to our partners. At the same time we have also established a calibration station thus relieving our customers ordering capacitive probe from the need to ensure own infrastructure for calibration. The capacitive probe has the advantage of monitoring continuously the current fuel level in your vehicle’s fuel tank and providing information even if the vehicle is unattended, so using it you can spare time and money. For more information on advantages of the capacitive probe please contact us at any of our availabilities, our colleagues are pleased to answer your questions!

Thursday February 20th, 2014 Magyarországon egyedülálló OBU szervizhálózat az i-Cell Kft-nél i-cell szerviz

Our company, through its service network that is unique in Hungary, allows all its kind customers to get their OBU unit repaired in one of the large cities nearest them or even they can replace it, thus avoiding the inconveniences associated with return of unit or waiting time. Both market leader brand services for trucks such as Volvo, Scania. Almádi Truck respectively Delta Truck trademark service points as well as the chief agency of VDO (Tachograf) for Hungary are to be found in our service network. Our service network is at the disposal of our kind partners not only with its repair works under warranty as well as selling component parts and units suitable for toll declaration, but also with advisory services,if needed..

Besides performing replacement and expert activities, our service points deal with professional on site installation of OBU units that makes the unit usage more convenient, in addition to keeping the warranty valid. However, if you require other vehicle-related services, our service points offer a wide range of relating services such as vehicle diagnostics, windscreen replacement,vehicle inspection,insurance administration, vehicle body works, tachograph repair, car body painting or tire service. Should you have any OBU- or vehicle-related problems, please contact our service point nearest to you.

For more information on location of our service points and business hours click here! (…)

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