Mobil kalibráló állomás az i-Cell Kft-nél!

2014 March 7.

When buying an electronic product, the appropriate support and flexible service are of the greatest importance, in particular when these electronic products are installed in vehicles. In addition to the good quality, in case of satellite-based fleet management systems distributed by us, our company also pays particular attention to the service of highest quality, including the installation or repair with the least inconvenience to our partners. Therefore, in order to establish an even better service offer, in February we have renewed and increased the vehicle fleet of our technical service department, as well as by seizing this opportunity we offer a new service of convenience to our partners. At the same time we have also established a calibration station thus relieving our customers ordering capacitive probe from the need to ensure own infrastructure for calibration. The capacitive probe has the advantage of monitoring continuously the current fuel level in your vehicle’s fuel tank and providing information even if the vehicle is unattended, so using it you can spare time and money. For more information on advantages of the capacitive probe please contact us at any of our availabilities, our colleagues are pleased to answer your questions!

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