Sikerrel lezárult a HU-GO e-útdíj rendszer létesítési szakasza

2014 February 10.

On the occasion of the event organised on 28. January 2014 in the WHALE conference room Lászlóné Németh, Minister of National Development, summarised the experiences and international successes of HU-GO distance-based Electronic Toll System gained during its half-year operation and congratulated the experts involved in the implementation of the project in form of a letter of thanks.

„By introducing the HU-GO system, a decennial ordeal has ended in the financial system of the national public road network. Though previously there were discussions on introducing the Electronic Toll System in Hungary, however,the present government begun to implement it and was able to carry it through to success. within a short time. The introduction of the e-toll system is favourable to every Hungarian citizen, since  incomes resulting from the system will be alloted to the operation, maintenance and development of the national public road network.” – Lászlóné Németh said. „The successful implementation of the  HU-GO Electronic Toll System system has required a lot of of work and has resulted in considerable effects.We rightly call the implementation of this system an outstanding achievement in international relation as well. As a result, the national e-toll system could become an example to be followed for other EU member countries too.” – the minister added.

Lászlóné Németh expressed her appreciation for the work of more hundred experts participating in this project, ten of them received ministerial recognition in form of a letter of thanks. The ministerial recognition doesn’t imply money reward.

Tibor Börzsei, Director General of the Electronic Toll System operator National Toll Payment Services Plc. summarised the operating experienses in his speech and he also spoke about the efforts of the company to make the system more user-friendly considering the comments and proposals of users as well as through fine-tuning of the system this year too.

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