Wednesday March 28th, 2018 Bevallási közreműködő: együtt kell fejlődnünk a közúti áruszállítási ágazattal HU-GO M2M OBU S550 OBU S550 útdíjfizetés

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Monday January 22nd, 2018 (Magyar) Öt év alatt a Marsra is többször eljutottunk volna HU-GO OBU S550 útdíjfizetés

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Friday November 17th, 2017 (Magyar) Vasárnap (2017.11.19.) karbantartás lesz az útdíjértékesítési rendszerekben HU-GO i-Fleet OBU S550 útdíjfizetés

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Tuesday December 20th, 2016 How to avoid even more toll fines HU-GO útdíjfizetés

The number of OBU onboard devices suitable for electronic toll payment is steadily increasing in Hungary, according to the figures of NÚSZ Zrt. ( National Toll Payment Services Plc) the penetration rate  of OBU devices reached 97% by August this year,  as concerns the Hungarian vehicles. One of the Hungarian Toll Declaration Operators considers, that despite the fact that the awareness of toll payer is growing, there are still a lot of companies that have to pay fines resulting from carelessness and non-usage of the existing fine alert functions which could have been avoided.


Since the introduction of HU-GO  distance-based toll system on 1 July 2013 the number of OBU (On Board Unit) devices used for electronic toll payment  has been steadily growing, and, as an evidence of the growing awareness of freight forwarders, the available balances are also growing at the same time:  based on figures of NÚSZ of October 2016,  the sum of deposits reached HUF 5,3 billion. The users must be aware that their vehicles will be checked  from time to time with different intensity, due to the still increasing volumen, although this increase has been slowing down.

The HU-GO fine alert function has been created by NÚSZ for the protection of bona fide freight forwarders, this function sends a warning to the user in case of data outage lasting 30 minutes, so that the user – if he monitors the system signals – has a good chance to avoid the fine.
As for the awareness of users, there is still room for improvement, as it is confirmed by market experiences of one of the Toll Declaration Operators.

„We currently transfer route tickets in amount of hundred millions HUF and we provide services for more than 35 thousand OBU devices. The data show that the fine alert function is activated in no more than 54% of all devices. Breaking down this data by partners, the general aspect is more informative: only 31,7% of companies use this function, that is, companies operating larger fleets and consequently using more OBU devices. Unfortunately, however, many  companies using only one or two devices  do not pay enough attention to it, although smaller companies  could be more sensibly affected by a possible toll fine” – emphasized Károly Farkas, Chief Operating Officer  of toll Declaration Operator i-Cell Kft.

As for route tickets handled by i-Cell in amount of hundred millions HUF, the users have submitted requests to the company for initiation of penalty proceedings in less than 1% of all cases.

The percentage distribution of requests is as follows:

·         in 74,5% of cases inadequate device usage has occurred, that is, the device indicated the failure/problem, but it was not treated by the the operator/ driver in time respectively the signals of device were not taken into consideration  (If the device does not light at all, it is also kind of indication).

·         in 6,5% of all cases there was a HU-GO data registration problem (truck number, ID identification number etc.).

·         in 19% of cases the vehicle had a route ticket, but due to a failure caused by Skipping or Missed Road Sections the penalty proceeding had been initiated, but the penalty was later cancelled.

„On close examination of failures resulting from inadequate device usage we see, that in 55% of cases the users have forgotten to switch the device on, GSM connection problems and overwriting have occurred in 30% of cases and in about 10% the device has not been administrated properly or it has been disconnected or switched off the system. In cases of vis major, when the company is fined due to device fault, a power supply problem or insufficient GPS-signal, that is, without the fault of the driver, the problems led to penalty proceedings in only 5% of all cases. From our point of view it can be concluded that the majority of penalty proceedings could be avoided by paying greater attention and awareness to the aforementioned  aspects” – added Károly Farkas.


Thursday April 7th, 2016 Oktatóvideókkal az útdíjbírságok megelőzéséért HU-GO közlekedésbiztonság OBU S550

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Monday June 1st, 2015 HU-GO karbantartás vasárnap hajnalban HU-GO útdíjfizetés üzemszünet

The National Toll Payment Services Plc announces that the entire HU-GO electronic toll system will be unavailable from Saturday night to Sunday morning  due to planned maintenance. (…)

Friday April 24th, 2015 HU-GO üzemszünet 2015. április 26-hajnalban HU-GO útdíj

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Monday November 10th, 2014 Megjelent az útdíjbírság amnesztia végleges alapszabályzata HU-GO

The Ministry of National Development approved the annulment of fines imposed for non-payment of electronic toll in some, well-defined cases in the introductory period; the regulation applies to the unexperienced drivers, who has bought the relational ticket, but not in full accordance with the provisions of law: with delay or on the basis of an incorrect declaration.

The Parliament has laid down the provisional regulation without prejudice to the public interest in such a way that road users not paying toll are not placed in a competitively more advantegous position compared to law-abiding users. Applications can be submitted from 15 November, the final deadline is 8 January 2015.

For details please click here: NÚSZ information. (…)

Wednesday September 24th, 2014 Az év informatikai fejlesztésének választották a HU-GO e-útdíj rendszert HU-GO

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Thursday September 18th, 2014 Keresse az új HU-GO tájékoztatót és kerülje el a büntetéseket HU-GO útdíj

The experiences of controls of the National Toll Payment Services PLC /NÚSZ Zrt./ which have been carried out during summer concerning road usage rights, show, that the proportion of hauliers non paying the toll is only 1,2 % after the visual control, and this number is steadily decreasing from one month to the next. Since the introduction of the system of last year, the majority of carriers has learnt how to use the HU-GO system, however, some typical user errors still occur that are worth highlighting. In order to promote the law-abiding behaviour, the NÚSZ Zrt. has again collected the most important information in its autumnal brochure „e-Toll guide”. The printed prospectus is available at customer service points of NÚSZ Zrt,, at the dealer points / e.g. at patrol stations/, in offices of the interest representatives and on the HU-GO website as well.


Thursday August 28th, 2014 1 éves a HU-GO elektronikus útdíjszedési rendszere HU-GO

Since its launch the e-toll system has been working operationally and in a regulated way without serious problems. It has fully fulfilled the revenue expectations of the State budget: the earned toll amounted in total to 103,6 thousand million forints till midnight 24 August. Approximately 40 thousand customers with about 142 thousand vehicles have been registered in the system till now, more than half of them  – 76 thousand trucks – make the toll declaration already by using onboard unit (OBU).

– All the 101 control gates have been prepared and are already functioning on the 6500 kilometres long charged road network. Besides, 45 own and approximately 60 data collecting police cars are carrying out the control function, and it is expected that we shall increase their effectiveness through the integration of e-vignette and e-toll payment systems. Kibédi-Varga Lajos, spokesman of the National Toll Payment Services PLC said and he added: – Consequently, the e-toll cameras will be soon able to control the road usage right with e-vignette end vice versa.

The toll declaration through onboard unit (OBU) provides for a much more convenient toll payment comparing to the relational ticket. In the interests of whole transparency, the pilot period of the fine notification system was launched at the beginning of August. The introduction of the email notification function enables the drivers acting in good faith to meet the requirements of law-abiding behaviour and to avoid the successive fines by correcting their consequent wrong user settings. However, the alarming system won’t change the fining procedure, the data concerning the unauthorized road usage are being transferred to authorities in the closed control system. (…)

Thursday May 8th, 2014 InnoMax Díjat nyert a HU-GO! HU-GO

We are pleased to congratulate the i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt on its outstanding achievement, thanks to which they have won third place of the Innomax Prize founded by the Invitel Zrt.

The goal of establishing the InnoMax Prize was to support the innovation efforts of domestic companies and to draw the attention to their developments and efforts.  This year is the fifth occasion they publish the invitation to this competition and for the first time in the history of the prize for the civil and non-profit sector as well.

The innovation prize for the own planned distance-based HU-GO electronic toll payment system was not the first recognition i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt. has deserved, in a previous article we already had the opportunity to congratulate them on their work. However, the recognitions are coming not only from Hungary, the development of the system was by the European Union also considered as an outstanding innovative solution.

We wish the staff members of i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt. similar successes in the future as well!


Monday April 28th, 2014 Innovációs díjat nyert a HU-GO! HU-GO

We congratulate the National Toll Payment Services PLC, the i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt. and the ARH Zrt. on their successes and on the Innovation Prize of 2013 awarded by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The revolutionary new HU-GO Hungarian electronic toll payment system that has been jointly developed by the above mentioned  firms was also recognised by companies and experts who are at the forefront of stimulating the national innovation,since this development was the first in the world to make enable other Declaration Operators or even foreign companies to connect to this open platform. By means of the new solution Hungary has taken a great step towards the uniform European system which is expected to be realised in the long run.

Wednesday March 26th, 2014 Készül a HU-GO mobilalkalmazás HU-GO mobil

The National Toll Payment Services PLC (NÚSZ Zrt.) will make available soon a new application for mobile phones. The development aims- among others – to ensure that toll charges can also be paid through mobile phone in a quick, comfortable manner and in addition, without further charges. The application can make the toll payment more convenient for our partners using OBU (on-board unit), as there are plans to implement other useful functions, such as to make the users enable to top up their credit via mobile phone.

In the course of the application development the NÚSZ Zrt. considers the user feedbacks particular important, therefore users intending to contribute with their experiences to the programme under development are asked to fill in a questionnaire.

Monday March 10th, 2014 Új funkciók a HU-GO rendszerben HU-GO

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Monday February 10th, 2014 Sikerrel lezárult a HU-GO e-útdíj rendszer létesítési szakasza HU-GO útdíj

On the occasion of the event organised on 28. January 2014 in the WHALE conference room Lászlóné Németh, Minister of National Development, summarised the experiences and international successes of HU-GO distance-based Electronic Toll System gained during its half-year operation and congratulated the experts involved in the implementation of the project in form of a letter of thanks.

„By introducing the HU-GO system, a decennial ordeal has ended in the financial system of the national public road network. Though previously there were discussions on introducing the Electronic Toll System in Hungary, however,the present government begun to implement it and was able to carry it through to success. within a short time. The introduction of the e-toll system is favourable to every Hungarian citizen, since  incomes resulting from the system will be alloted to the operation, maintenance and development of the national public road network.” – Lászlóné Németh said. „The successful implementation of the  HU-GO Electronic Toll System system has required a lot of of work and has resulted in considerable effects.We rightly call the implementation of this system an outstanding achievement in international relation as well. As a result, the national e-toll system could become an example to be followed for other EU member countries too.” – the minister added.

Lászlóné Németh expressed her appreciation for the work of more hundred experts participating in this project, ten of them received ministerial recognition in form of a letter of thanks. The ministerial recognition doesn’t imply money reward.

Tibor Börzsei, Director General of the Electronic Toll System operator National Toll Payment Services Plc. summarised the operating experienses in his speech and he also spoke about the efforts of the company to make the system more user-friendly considering the comments and proposals of users as well as through fine-tuning of the system this year too. (…)

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