NÚSZ Zrt. General Terms and Conditions Change

2017 September 19.

We hereby inform you that the General Terms and Conditions of NÚSZ Zrt. (National Toll Payment Services PLC) will be changed as from 1 September 2017.

The deadline of the data to be transmitted to the Toll Declaration Operators will be limited to 15 days. We ask you to pay special attention to this deadline in order to be able to avoid penalties at any time. The process of data transfer and the further circumstances of the cooperation remain unchanged.

In which cases must increased attention be paid to this deadline?

The maximum satisfaction of our partners is very important for i-Cell Kft., so we ask you to study carefully the following information in order to be able to avoid the penalties.


In order to avoid toll penalties to a maximum degree, please take a look at our video series about the on-board unit under the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYsa-GPcSxbKheQGk965YwA

If you have any further questions about the device, please visit our website where you can obtain useful information on how to use the device exactly: https://utdijfizetes.icell.hu/hasznos-informaciok/.

Should you have any problems with your device, our colleagues are ready to help you on the phone number +36 1 510 0548 or under the obus550@icell.hu e-mail address.

We look forward continuing our cooperation with you as smoothy as hitherto.

Best regards, i-Cell Kft.

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