InnoMax Díjat nyert a HU-GO!

2014 May 8.

We are pleased to congratulate the i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt on its outstanding achievement, thanks to which they have won third place of the Innomax Prize founded by the Invitel Zrt.

The goal of establishing the InnoMax Prize was to support the innovation efforts of domestic companies and to draw the attention to their developments and efforts.  This year is the fifth occasion they publish the invitation to this competition and for the first time in the history of the prize for the civil and non-profit sector as well.

The innovation prize for the own planned distance-based HU-GO electronic toll payment system was not the first recognition i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt. has deserved, in a previous article we already had the opportunity to congratulate them on their work. However, the recognitions are coming not only from Hungary, the development of the system was by the European Union also considered as an outstanding innovative solution.

We wish the staff members of i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt. similar successes in the future as well!

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